3001-3003 Futr H / Monochromatic Conceptscapes of the Futureverse
(Part 1-3)
Background: Visually this is a departure in expression from my usual photographic work - as it focusses 
on conceptualized, designed & digitally constructed landscapes & futuristic architectural forms. However 
similar themes are explored in my photography - figure vs. ground - built form vs. natural environment. is there a clear dominant in the human versus nature 'conflict'? is the landscape the designed element? or vice versa? does it matter in the metaverse? Should it matter? Do we take any environmental morality into what we do digitally? And ultimately do we care in the real world? The 3 sets of 3, entitled 3001 - 3003 look at 3 different masses - 'touching', 'integrated' & 'unconnected'. The work is expressed in monochromatic, film textured black and white - constructed as architectural imagery. To simultaneously reference past processes, realistic contemporary architectural image construct & futuristic architectural concepts free of real-life constraints.
Note: Only 1/9 piece now available. Please DM for enquiry.